Do You Need an Auto Insurance Broker?

Do you need a Car Insurance Broker on your side?

When it comes to buying car insurance, should you buy directly from an insurance company, or use an insurance agent or broker?

Insurance agents and brokers offer personal service – an important point with a product like insurance. But do you know the difference between insurance agents and insurance brokers?

  • An insurance agent is paid by one insurance company to sell that company's products.
  • An insurance broker represents many insurance companies and many products.

According to Robert Manson of, "Because insurance brokers are independent from any one insurance company, they offer you two important advantages: choice and advocacy."

Brokers offer choice

When you work with an insurance broker, you can choose from any product from any of the companies your broker works with. That means:

  • Selection – Your insurance broker can offer you products from many different insurance companies, helping you choose the one that suits your needs
  • Time savings – Your insurance broker will do the comparison shopping for you
  • Value – Your insurance broker will show you where the best value lies
  • Customization – If available products don't suit your needs, your insurance broker can negotiate custom coverage for you

An insurance broker is your advocate

  • Your broker is on your side if you make a claim, because he or she isn't an employee of your insurance company. An insurance broker is:
  • Available – You can call and talk directly to your broker or their staff when you have an insurance claim
  • An expert in claims – Your broker helps you through the claims process
  • An advocate– Your insurance broker will make your case for you when dealing with the insurance company

Brokers are insurance experts

Insurance brokers are licensed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO). They must meet knowledge and ethical standards on a daily basis, and upgrade their training annually. That means clear and up-to-date advice you can trust.

At, our brokers also follow an additional Code of Conduct, our list of Rights and Responsibilities, and our privacy rules.

Insurance brokers get to know you

Brokers and their staff build a relationship with you. They find out what you need and help you change your insurance coverage as your life changes. When you call their office, you will speak directly with your broker or their staff members. That means personal service.

Before you consider insurance, consider using an insurance broker.